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Sanelow Label is one of the fast rising deep house record labels, despite the fact that it was founded in the early days of 2014. Although the label is relatively new and upcoming, the aim has always been to provide to entertainment to every house music lover, regardless of geographical barriers. Our releases are recognized world wide, some of the releases were compiled and featured in various releases by different record labels world-wide.


Our releases are digitally, the music industry is now moving away from the traditional way of CD releases to electronic/ digital music. Our goal is to further provide quality music and not just quantity, but fresh heavy sounds. Genres released under our label are an array of infused deep soul to heavy tech tunes, not forgetting down-tempo.


Our label grows each day, fans provide us with positive feedback on social media platforms, which gives us the firmness to continue making more good music for fans world-wide.


Me and Music Digital is a sub-label fully managed by Sanelow Label. Both labels have already made several releases on major stores. However, this is just the beginning, we will be releasing more heavy tunes in the near future.


Releases include the likes of Caprivian- When Music Speaks Sessions, Lekwats, Themetique, BogyBE, FonnikDeep and more. The genres that define our label best are mainly Deep/ Afro Tech, Instrumentals, Soulful House, Vocal House, Techno, Deep House, Downtempo.


You can checkout our stores on the provided links below, follow us on social media platforms to receive updates about our latest and upcoming releases. We appreciate your support.


Some of the stores we recommend:

The music industry has grown significantly, which also influences the rate of musicians world wide, and whereby mostly do not have any reliable source of distribution. That is where Me & Music Digital intervene, the aim of the label is to  distribute music for unsigned artists from all over.


The label distributes music for unsigned artists willing to take their music to the next level and to a larger reach world wide with no geographical barriers. Music released under our label is distributed world-wide to almost all stores if not all.


Me and Music Digital is owned and managed by Sanelow Label. Releases under our label include the likes of Dr Asanda who made several releases under the label, Samlas is an upcoming artist, he featured  Themetique in his first Ep entitled 'Made In Africa' and showcased his talent by bumping dance floors all over and more .


Unsigned artists willing to distribute their music under our label should simply send us an email to: We will respond to the email with further information regarding the release. We once more aim to distribute new, quality and underground music to every house music lover in the world.


Genres that define our label best include Deeptech, Soulful house, Tech/techno,  Progressive, Afro, Soul, Chillout. Follow us on social media platforms for latest updates and releases concerning our label, also checkout our label in any of the recommended stores below.


Me & Music Digital

Some of the stores we recommend:



25 December, 2017


Lekwats will release a new album early next year on our label.


The release is entitled 'The Interview Room' and it's a 10 track down-tempo album.

Release dates and pre-release stores haven't been confirmed yet, however, more

information about this release will be provided at a later stage.


06 January, 2018


Lekwats's album will be released at Juno as promo and the official

release will launch weeks later on all major stores Online.


The 'Interview Room' is one of a kind album mixed and produced by yours truly

Lekwats. It's a pleasure to announce that the release dates have been confirmed

and scheduled as follows:


Pre Release: 09.02.18 @ Juno

Official Release: 16.02.18

For all the down-tempo and chill-out music lovers, We recommend that you

consider giving this release a try. You can buy yourself this album once it's

released as promo at Juno Downloads and be the first one to hear it.


16 January, 2018


BrightKay's single has been called off.


We are happy to announce that BrightKay will release a single under

Me & Music Digital  and he featured Ayanda. More information regarding

this release will be announced at a later stage.


25 January, 2018


Themetique will release his long awaited Ep this year.


The release was produced and mastered in the early days of 2015, until now,

 the release was never launched at any of the digital stores. The release is entitled

 'Imagination Tool' and featured a remix by Lekwats.


The Ep will be released later this year and more information regarding this release

will be announced at a later stage.


15 February, 2018


Lekwats's album officially hit all major stores tomorrow.


It's a pleasure to announce that a release entitled 'Lekwats feat Courtesy_ The Interview Room' will officially hit all major stores tomorrow.  This title is already released as promo at Juno and will be available for purchase on all major stores tomorrow. This release is produced by Lekwats and is fused with melodic synths and pads added to the down-tempo genre as usual.


We recommend that you consider giving this release a try. We appreciate your support.


04 March, 2018


BrightKay's single will release at Beatport as promo.


It's pleasure to announce to you that a release entitled "I See The Light" will release at Beatport as promo, the official release to all major stores will launch weeks later. The single is produced by BrightKay from KwazuluNatal, and he featured Ayanda. The release dates are scheduled as follows:


Pre-release: 06 April 2018

Officiial release: 20 April 2018

Pre-release store: Beatport


Support this single once it's and your support is always appreciated.

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